Bërthama is a company which provides services in the area of business consulting, public relations, promotional strategies, market research and consulting, brand management, and event management. Wanting to take part in the pleasure of our client’s success, we put all the effort to help them realize their mission and vision and achieve all their goals. We believe that our team results are the synergy of our innovation, creativity and commitment harmonized with the client needs and their potential.

Located in Kosovo and operating regionally, Bërthama is an internet based firm which also simplifies the exchange of information in the B2B area. While creating a strong online network we tend to make a point-of-contact and a transaction center for regional companies. All firms in the region that are interested to interact in any form can make this easier through Bë

Furthermore, except B2B interrelations, through its product and services, Bërthama makes things easier even for the individuals seeking jobs or those who wish to promote their skills and knowledge, acting as a virtual market place for employers or employees.

E: T: +381 38 60 99 90 A: Blvd. Bill Clinton H4/9,10090 Prishtina, Kosovo